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About Eighteen Hundred Drayton

Catering & Events

Eighteen Hundred Drayton Catering & Events is the creation of Bob Munnich.  Bob, most well known in Greenville for helping in the building of a prominent Group of restaurants and catering facilities and services, has always had a warm place in his heart for Spartanburg.

Having spent a couple years as the Food & Beverage Director at the Country Club of Spartanburg, Bob has watched as the Sparkle City has grown and begun to really flourish.  He was excited when introduced to Tara & Bill Sherbert the developers and investors in Drayton Mill and shared a vision for the facility that includes wonderful events, festivals, dinners and parties that will draw people to Drayton as well as support Spartanburg in its journey to seeing its ultimate potential.

Bob's background hails from the back of the house.  Having fallen in love with cooking and food as a child, Bob graduated high school, and left from graduation to spend the summer at the Jersey "Shore" where he got a job as an overnight dishwasher and kitchen helper in a twenty four hour restaurant.  He fell in love with the whole restaurant and hospitality lifestyle, and gives a lot of credit to the dedicated work ethic and perfectionist attitude of his first boss "Manny".

Bob spent the next several years traveling from coast to coast working for the best chefs he could find, reading books, writing recipes and experiencing different restaurants.  He has worked as an "Entremedier" for Chef Fred Halpert in San Francisco, a Sous Chef for Chef Van Hau and Chef David Wentz, and opened a very successful Italian trattoria in Philadelphia. 

While Bob loves to meet people and entertain, his heart is in the kitchen.  Developing recipes, teaching young chefs, and driving the "heart of the house".  While Bob runs the entire operation, he serves as the Executive Chef, and will feature several guest chefs who have worked for him (or who he worked with) in feature dinners and special events.

Eighteen Hundred Drayton is Bob's opportunity to utilize his culinary strengths in creating memorable events and celebrations for his guests.

The facility is able to host private dinners from 20 to 300, receptions up to 500, and outdoor festivals that enhance the dynamics of Spartanburg. 

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