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Beverage Service

Bar and Beverage Options

Eighteen Hundred Drayton provides a variety of ways to offer beverages to your guests while staying within your budget.

We offer two options for bar service:

Open - All alcohol is included at one price, no overages will be charged

Consumption - We will estimate based on the per unit price what the bar cost will be.  If the actual consumption is less, we will refund the difference, if it is more we will charge the credit card on file after the event (after reviewing it with the host)

Cash - Guests pay for their own beverages

Full Cash Bar

Guests would pay for their own beverages. It is recommended that you host either punch or sodas in order to provide a beverage, which they do not have to purchase.

Full Host Bar

The host pays for all beverages (no charge to guests).

Hosted Beer/Wine/Sodas ~ Cash Cocktails

The host would pay for charges for the hosted beverages, such as beer, wine, and sodas. If your guest preferred to have a cocktail, they would pay for their own drinks.

Hosted Beer/Wine/Sodas ~ No Cocktails

Same as above with the exception of cash cocktails being available in the function room. 

Hosted Bar to Set Dollar Limit Then Cash Bar

This option has the bar hosted until a predetermined dollar limit is reached. The drawback to doing this is that the dollar limit may be reached at any time during the function.

Hosted Bar to Set Time Limit Then Cash Bar

You may select to use this option if you are planning to have a cocktail prior to dinner service or if you are stopping hosted drink service at the bar during dinner.

A 20% Service Charge (taxable), 6% Sales Tax, and 2% Hospitality Tax is added to all host beverages and host bars.

1800 DRAYTON reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to anyone that has gone beyond his or her legal limits.

**Guests are not permitted to bring in their own alcohol**


Beverage Service Labor Charges

One bartender is required per 75 guests.  For cash bars, we may require extra bartenders even if the guest count is lower than 75 people.  Bartender fee is $100 per bartender

Additional selection of liquors, wines & beers available upon request

20% Service Charge and 6% SC sales Tax + 2% Hospitality tax (+5% State on all Liquor) is added to all beverage charges.

Brands and Prices

Soft Drinks : Soda $2.00  •  Tea (Sweet or Unsweet) $8/gallon

Open Bar (all inclusive)

House Liquor and Domestic beer & Wine $18/person (up to 4 hours)

Premium Liquors Domestic & Import Beer & Wine $28/person (up to 4 hours)

Beer & Wine only $12/person (up to 4 hours)

Consumption or Cash Prices


Dewar’s Scotch

Seagram 7 Whiskey

Jim Beam Bourbon

Gordon’s Gin

Svedka Vodka

Bacardi Rum



Glenlivet Scotch

Crown Royal Whiskey

Jack Daniels Bourbon

Tanqueray Gin

Ketel One Vodka

Captain Morgan’s Rum





Bud Light

Michelob Ultra

Michelob Light






Amstel Light





Pinot Grigio

White Zinfandel

Cabernet Sauvignon


Pinot Noir

$6.00 / Glass

$24.00 / Bottle



$4.00 Guest (toast)

Your event specialist would be happy to source other brands or specific wines for your event!

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