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Dray's Cafe is a "Pop-Up" restaurant - We'll show up whenever we can - with Fresh Food, New Menu Items, the occasional wine or spirit event, and music events.

Based out of Eighteen Hundred Drayton Catering & Events Center, we deliver to our residents at Drayton Mills Wednesday through Friday - and the occasional Saturday - Look for our special events!

Dray's Cafe

Exclusively for the Drayton Mills Lofts Property!

Order Online, Get Chef Delivery to your door or table at Holliday Brewery (or by the pool, community room, dog park... just let us know where!

Our belief is that only the best ingredients, happiest people and freshest "to order" preparation will be delivered to our guests.

We have a small menu, but will do whatever we can with what we have, and constantly will try new items, listen to your feedback, and stay fresh, offer variety and get your orders to you quick and hot!

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